400 Residents Enjoy Vaccination Service at GOR Jatinegara Every Day

Kamis, 16 September 2021 22:29 Nurito 122

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

Every day, there are about 400 residents who have been vaccinated at GOR Jatinegara Sub-district on Jl. Cipinang Muara 3, RW 15 Cipinang Muara, Jatinegara, East Jakarta. This activity has been held since three months ago through collaboration between health center, GOR management, Kodam Jaya, and Polda Metro Jaya.

Every day, we are targeting 400 people to be vaccinated at GOR Jatinegara Sub-district

Cipinang Muara Urban Village Head, Ciptono said, not only Cipinang Muara residents who came for vaccination service at GOR Jatinegara Sub-district, but also residents from other urban villages in Jatinegara Sub-district. According to plan, this vaccination service will be provided until it meets the target 100 percent.

This service provided Sinovac vaccines for residents aged 12-17 years old, pregnant women, and nursing women. While AstraZeneca vaccines for residents aged 18 years and over including elderly.

"Every day, we are targeting 400 people to be vaccinated at GOR Jatinegara Sub-district. Jakarta Government, Kodam Jaya and Polda Metro Jaya take turns in providing vaccination service at the location," he mentioned, Thursday (9/16).

Sub-district and Urban Village Health Centers deployed 20 health workers for today's vaccination service.

"We also deploy PKK cadred, Jumantik, Dasawisma, karang taruna, PPSU, Satpol PP, and FKDM to help with registration, data input, cleanliness in the area, and others," he conveyed.

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