East Jakarta Mayor Inspects Land to Build Halim Reservoir

Jumat, 10 September 2021 21:13 Nurito 104

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

East Jakarta Mayor, Muhamad Anwar and his subordinates inspected land that will be built a reservoir on Dwikora Complex, Halim Perdanakusuma, Makasar, Friday (9/10).

Now, we will return its function as reservoir. At least one hectare will be used as reservoir

This two-hectare land owned by TNI AU will be built a reservoir for flood control in the surrounding area. On the land, there is a swamp that has been filled with garbage and building debris. Even there are illegal buildings in parts of the land. This land is located in RW 03 Cipinang Melayu, at the end of Sulaeman Connecting (PHB) Channel.

He mentioned that his side will coordinate further with TNI AU regarding reservoir construction in the location. According to plan, from total two-hectare land, at least one hectare will be used as reservoir with depth of five meters. Thus when raining, water will be stored in the reservoir and the surrounding area will be not flooded.

"Previously, it was only a river from Sulaeman PHB Channel and water reservoir from Toll Road. Because it is occupied, it becomes narrow. Now, we will return its function as reservoir. At least one hectare will be used as reservoir," he said.

East Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency's Maintenance Section Head, Puryanto stated, in the early stage, his side will carry out re-measurement to find out which area that will be dredged. Therefore, his side will invite team to survey the land from Jakarta SDA Agency's Management Unit for Research, Testing and Measurement (UP4). Moreover, his side will also coordinate with TNI AU, Bina Marga Agency, and Environment Agency for heavy equipment procurement.

"For the initial stage, we will take measurement to know which areas that should be excavated. We are also coordinating with other units because of limited heavy equipment that we have," he explained.

In order to excavate the land, his side is still waiting for disposition from governor because that land is not Jakarta Government's asset.

"After disposition, we will immediately excavate the land for reservoir," he conveyed.