Thousand Islands Vice Regent Carries Out Work Visit to Residential Islands

Senin, 23 Agustus 2021 21:49 Suparni 97

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Muhammad Fadjar Churniawan who had just been inaugurated as Thousand Islands Vice Regent on Friday (8/20), started his duties today by carrying out work visit (kunker) to Pramuka Island, Panggang Island, Kelapa Island, and Harapan Island.

This work visit is carried out as a part of coordination and consolidation

This work visit, he assessed, was carried out to get closer to the community and state civil apparatuses (ASN) who served in Thousand Islands.

"This work visit is carried out as a part of coordination and consolidation, as well as motivating ASN in sub-district and urban village levels," he stated, Monday (8/23).

He was grateful that two sub-districts in Thousand Islands showed trend of COVID-19 green zone due to accelerated vaccination program and increasing public awareness of health protocols.

"Monitoring results show that level of community compliance with health protocols, especially in wearing mask, is quite high. I hope all activities can return to normal soon and tourism sector can run again," he conveyed.

In Panggang Island, North Thousand Islands Sub-district, he added, there were 2 residents who were confirmed positive for COVID-19 who are currently undergoing self-isolation.

"We ask urban village and sub-district officials not to be careless to educate residents to remain comply with 5M health protocols. Hopefully by complying health protocols well, no more positive cases in the region," he said.