Ciracas Utilizes Land on Jalan Tanah Merdeka VII for Greening

Minggu, 22 Agustus 2021 14:43 Nurito 250

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A 900-square meter land, which is located on Jalan Tanah Merdeka VII, RT 05/06, Rambutan Urban Village, Ciracas, East Jakarta will be transformed into a green area in order to realize the climate village program (proklim).

This is part of the continued greening of the environment

Ciracas Sub-district Head, Mamad said, a number of plants would be planted on the land, starting from vegetable, ornamental plant, hydroponic plant, shade tree, and productive tree. There would also be nutrition pond, murals to waste bank and processing organic waste equipped with magot.

According to him, on Friday (8/20), a number of plants had been planted symbolically at the location. They were plants type sapodilla, water guava, crystal guava, galangal, etc.

"This is part of the continued greening of the environment. We will take inventory first. We will create reforestation land, to create a climate village," he expressed, on the sidelines of a cleanup action at the location, Sunday (8/22).

As the initial stage, he held cleanup action at the location by involving 25 joint personnel of PPSU, Environment Task Force, and locals.

After being cleaned, the truck would then transport the trash from the location.

"It is done, as locals use the land as an illegal waste disposal site and a vehicle parking area," he concluded.