In July, East Jakarta Gulkarmat Carries Out Fire Socialization in 1,098 Locations

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In July 2021, East Jakarta Fire Handling and Rescue (Gulkarmat) Sub-agency has socialized residents about fire handling and prevention, as well as health protocols in 1,098 locations.

We only focus on socializing from the street using loudspeaker

East Jakarta Gulkarmat Sub-agency Head, Muchtar Zakaria mentioned, the number decreased compared to last month (June) that reached 1,139 locations. According to him, socialization activities in residential areas were reduced in July due to implementation of Emergency PPKM to PPKM level 3 and 4.

"In July, we limit time to do socialization activity outside. We only focus on socializing from the street using loudspeaker," he stated, Monday (8/2).

East Jakarta Gulkarmat Sub-agency's Prevention Section Head, Edi Parwoko explained, socialization was carried out in 260 worship places, 834 locations on collector roads, and 4 locations in educational institutions. The activity was carried out in the morning at 09:00 and in afternoon at 16:00-17:00.

"We socialize people about preventing and handling fire during the pandemic. Besides, we also educate them how to avoid COVID-19 transmission. Thus people can continue to comply with health protocols," he conveyed.

In carrying out socialization in July, his side deployed 133 operational cars and 426 operational motorcycles, as well as 1,034 personnel.

Socialization was carried out in several locations, such as Jl. P. Komarudin RT 02/05 Penggilingan, Cakung; Kampung Pergunas RT 05/05 Penggilingan; Jl. Panca Warga IV RW 04 Cipinang Besar Selatan Urban Village, Jl. Padat Karya RT 08/01 Pondok Kelapa Urban Village, Duren Sawit.

Next, Musala Nurul Huda on Jl. Kalimasada RT 006/03 Tengah Urban Village; SMPN 233 Jakarta on Jl. Abdulrahman No. 68, RT 01/14, Cibubur; and other locations.

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