Vaccination in Kramat Jati Health Center Carried Out By Health Workers from Five Professional Organizations

Sabtu, 19 Juni 2021 19:06 Nurito 313

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As many as 200 residents took a part in COVID-19 vaccination carried out by health worker teams from five professional organizations at Kramat Jati Sub-district Health Center (Puskesmas), East Jakarta, on Saturday (6/19).

It is done to help accelerating COVID-19 handling

This activity was held to follow up collaboration agreement of those five professional organizations with Kramat Jati Sub-district Health Center in accelerating COVID-19 handling on last Sunday (6/16).

Those five professional organizations are Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), Indonesian Dentist Association (PDGI), Indonesian National Nurses Association (PPNI), Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI), and non-health organization of Indonesian Doctor's Wives Association (IIDI) for East Jakarta Branch.

Spokesperson for East Jakarta Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), Nisma Hiddin mentioned, total 30 volunteers have been trained and will take turns to help vaccination service at health center until next December.

"All vaccination services in Kramat Jati Sub-district Health Center today are covered by them. It is done to help accelerating COVID-19 handling. Before going to the field, we have trained them thus they can work optimally," he mentioned.

Each of five professional organizations, he explained, have team with different tasks and roles. IIDI and PDGI teams work at pre-registration desk to collect data of residents who will be vaccinated. Then, PPNI and IDI teams worked at screening desk to check body temperature, blood pressure, health check and interview.

Next, team from IBI will inject vaccine to residents. While data recording section is carried out by team from PDGI and PPNI team is responsible for observation section.

Kramat Jati Sub-district Health Center Head, Inda Mutiara added, health center's yard was used as location to serve residents for vaccination because from the start, many people have been vaccinated in here.

"People's enthusiasm to take vaccination at health center is very high. This morning, even though it is raining, they still come and are enthusiastic to be vaccinated,"

Although joint teams from professional organizations were on duty today, her side was on standby to help health workers volunteers to work more independently, not relying on health center.

"This collaboration really helps us to accelerate COVID-19 handling in Kramat Jati," she conveyed.