Cultivating Reading Habit, Dispusip Promotes Baca Jakarta Movement

Sabtu, 05 Juni 2021 19:36 TP Moan Simanjuntak Maria Inggita 238

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Jakarta Government is committed to create a sustainable reading ecosystem that is built through habit. On that basis, Jakarta Library and Archive Agency (Dispusip) returns to hold Baca Jakarta Movement for 30 Days, from June 14 to July 13, 2021.

Baca Jakarta Movement is a 30-day reading challenge which starts from June 14 to July 13, 2021

"Baca Jakarta Movement is a 30-day reading challenge which starts from June 14 to July 13, 2021 and is targeted school-aged children. Baca Jakarta Movement is expected to be initial movement that can realize literacy movements and have long-term impact in increasing reading habit in Jakarta," stated Wahyu Haryadi, Head of Jakarta Dispusip, as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, Saturday (6/5).

Not only children, he added, but it needs participation from family members to accompany them in completing this reading challenge. Other family members are expected to assist children who participated in this program in reading activity, making summary, and publishing their reading activity.

"Jakarta Dispusip as the organizer also cooperates with Education Agency, PPAPP Agency, Sub-districts, Urban Villages, TP PKK, RPTRA administrators, and literacy communities in Jakarta to collaborate in socializing and supporting Reading Jakarta Movement. This activity can be a literacy movement that involves all elements in Jakarta society," he explained.

This year, Reading Jakarta Movement will be carried out in different format from the previous year because it is still in COVID-19 pandemic situation. This activity is carried out online, thus participants can use their houses as place for reading.

Moreover, reading sources can be obtained from digital literature, such as from iJakarta, iPusnas, Let’s Read (The Asia Foundation), and other digital reading sources. Participants who have collection of printed books can also use them as a source for this reading activity.

This activity is expected to be an alternative in filling children's free time because many public facilities are still closed due to COVID-19 pandemic. After completing 30-day of reading challenge, all participants will receive e-certificate.

"At National Children's Day 2021, selected participants who can complete reading challenge for 30 days will get award which provided by Jakarta Dispusip in collaboration with PT. Bank DKI, PT. MRT Jakarta, PT. TransJakarta, PT. Jakpro, PT. Food Station, PT. Jamkrida Jakarta, PD. Air Minum Jaya, PD. Pasar Jaya, PD. PAL Jaya, and PD. Sarana Jaya," he mentioned.

Jakarta residents who want to take a part in Baca Jakarta Movement must register via website and make sure there are family members who meet the requirements as participant's companion.

Let's invite all family members to participate in Baca Jakarta Movement and take a part in building community literacy in Jakarta.