Park Along Jalan Panjang is Being Arranged

Sabtu, 22 Mei 2021 22:04 Wuri Setyaningsih Maria Inggita 323

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West Jakarta City Park and Forestry Sub-agency arranged park on Jalan Panjang, in front of Kedoya Apartment, Kebon Jeruk.

We estimate the work to be completed by mid-June

Kebon Jeruk City Park and Forestry Unit Head, Solahudin mentioned, arrangement of park which formerly a location for selling ornamental trees involved Bina Marga and Water Resources (SDA) Task Forces.

"For this arrangement work, we collaborate with Bina Marga and SDA. Bina Marga helps us to tidy up sidewalk and street gutter, while SDA helps to widen water channel," he explained, Friday (5/22).

According to him, the park is as wide as 100 square meters, while the sidewalk has length of 80 meters with width of 2 meters.

His side deployed 10 personnel to arrange the park, including to cut weeds and replace it with beautiful ornamental plants.

"For the time being, we plant cuphea hyssopifolia, willow-leaved justicia, pencil tree, and other crops will be planted later. We estimate the work to be completed by mid-June," he said.