More Than 150 Elderly Residents in Gambir Participated in COVID-19 Vaccination

Senin, 01 Maret 2021 23:11 Folmer 194

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The area-based dynamic vaccination program for elderly residents in Gambir Sub-district, Central Jakarta which held at SDN 04 Cideng, on Monday (3/1) was attended by more than 150 participants.

Our target is to inject 150-200 elderly people with COVID-19 vaccine per day

Gambir Sub-district Head, M. Fauzi conveyed, data from Central Jakarta Dukcapil Sub-agency stated there were 9,000 elderly residents in the region. Thus his side targeted all of them to receive vaccine until a week ahead.

"We don't know yet the exact number, but today, more than 150 people have been vaccinated. Our target is to inject 150-200 elderly people with COVID-19 vaccine per day," he mentioned.

According to him, his side has instructed RT/RW administrators to monitor condition of elderly residents who have been injected with vaccine.

"If you find something, please immediately report it to Gambir Health Center (Puskesmas) team," he told.

Gambir Sub-district Puskesmas Head, Alamas Hidayati mentioned, vaccination for elderly people at SDN 03 Cideng was held in 4 sessions and started from 8 AM to 3 PM. Each session was only for 50 participants.

"Injection process is divided in sections to avoid crowds in order to prevent COVID-19 spread," she said.

For this activity, her side deployed 25 health workers to serve participants in registration, health screenings, injection, and monitoring during observation.