Developing MSMEs Through E-Order, City Wins Award at Indonesia Government Procurement Award 2020

Rabu, 18 November 2020 22:27 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar 516

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Jakarta Government won an award at Indonesia Government Procurement Award 2020 for category of Procurement Innovations that Support Transparency of Procurement Expenditures. This event was organized by Indonesian Government Goods/Services Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP).

Alhamdulillah, Jakarta Government has won another award

This award was received by Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan and submitted by LKPP Chairperson, Roni Dwi Susanto in Procurement Coordination Meeting 2020 at Grand Savero Hotel, Bogor, on Wednesday (11/18).

Jakarta Government through Jakarta Province Goods/Services Procurement Service Agency (BPPBJ) was considered to have met the indicators by successfully developing and implementing system to facilitate and support the transparency and accountability of goods and services procurement. Moreover, Jakarta Government has also succeeded in developing MSMEs businesses.

"Alhamdulillah, Jakarta Government has won another award. This time, Indonesia Government Procurement Award which organized by one of state institutions, LKPP RI. Jakarta Government is considered as one of local governments with procurement innovations that support transparency in expenditure," he said after receiving the award as quoted by Jakarta PPID Press Release, Wednesday (11/18).

"Bringing up the little ones without reducing the big ones. Ensuring to provide equal opportunities. Don't let the small ones left behind, especially become oppressed. Those are our passions at Jakarta Government, our choice of policy direction for DKI over the past few years and thank God that ideology is carried out seriously with technology and technocracy," he mentioned.

For information, Jakarta Government has carried out an innovative Goods/Services Procurement (PBJ) for MSMEs expenditure up to 50 million using e-Order. This market place that was launched last year, has opened up space for MSMEs to enjoy PBJ in Indonesia as well as emphasizing Jakarta Government's commitment as a government by using collaborative approach in every policy.

"We continue to encourage citizen collaboration for goods and services procurement. Now, we can invite citizens to become government's partners. This collaboration will certainly make Jakarta Government to do more accountable and transparent activities. Jakarta Government will continue to be a barometer in the latest technology service system by building smart city, providing effective, fast, and easy services," he explained.

He also emphasized, this award is one of the triggers that encourage the creation of other innovations in all fields in other Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD)s that make Jakarta Government's public service becomes better.

"We are committed to create more innovations thus in the future, we can give better services for Jakarta residents," he asserted.

Jakarta BPPBJ Chairperson, Blesmiyanda added, e-Order is an innovative e-procurement system that involve MSMEs as partners to collaborate thus it will improve MSMEs' welfare.

"BPPBJ as a center of excellence in government goods/services procurement has made three breakthroughs in empowering MSMEs to improve their welfare, by using Local Catalog, Type III and IV Self-Management, and e-Order where direct expenditure for goods/services involved coached Jakarta MSMEs," he stated.