Bina Marga - SDA Sub-agencies Team Up to Overcome Floods on Streets

Rabu, 21 Oktober 2020 20:07 Folmer 511

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Central Jakarta Bina Marga and Water Resources (SDA) sub-agencies are collaborating to overcome puddles on several streets in eight sub-districts.

It's targeted to be complete in the end of this year

According to Rakim Sastranegara, Sub-agency Head of Central Jakarta Bina Marga, several focused streets were Jalan KH Mas Mansyur and Jalan Gereja Ayam and Jalan Cempaka Putih.

It was the responsibility of the Bina Marga Sub-agency, including making gather, mud catching and strom inlet or enlarging the water mouth.

"It aims to drain water on the street to gather and mud catching in order to avoid gutters. Then it goes into the water mouth," he explained, Wednesday (10/21).

He furthered, at the same time, the SDA Sub-agency would carry out draining of drains on such streets.

"It's targeted to be complete in the end of this year. Thus when entering the rainy season, the water quickly recedes into the drain," he exclaimed.