BMKG Warns of Extreme Weather During Transition to Rainy Season

Minggu, 18 Oktober 2020 18:59 Rudi Hermawan 718

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The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has urged the public to prepare for heavy rain and strong winds in Jakarta and to remain alert for floods and landslides.

Predictably, within one ahead (October 18-24), we have to stay alert for heavy rainfall accompanied by lightning and strong winds in Jakarta

BMKG Meteorology Deputy Guswanto expressed the potential for heavy rain was the result of La Nina affecting the Pacific Ocean with moderate intensity.

BMKG monitoring of marine and atmospheric indicators showed that sea surface temperature had cooled -0.5C to -1.5C over the last 7 decades (70 days), followed by a predominance of zonal flows of the easterly winds which represented strengthening of the trade winds.

It had also the potential to increase the amount of rainfall in most areas. The impact of it on rainfall in Indonesia was different, both spatially and temporally, depending on the season/month, region and its strength.

"Predictably, within one ahead (October 18-24), we have to stay alert for heavy rainfall accompanied by lightning and strong winds in Jakarta," he expressed, Sunday (10/18).

Apart from the influence of monsoon wind circulation and climate anomalies in the Pacific Ocean, the strengthening of rainfall in Indonesia was also influenced by the propagation of the equatorial atmosphere waves from west to east in the form of MJO (Madden Julian Oscillation) and Kelvin waves, or from east to west in the form of Rossby waves. The results of the analysis of the latest atmospheric dynamics conditions showed MJO activity above the Indonesian territory, which is a cluster/clouds with the potential for rain.

At the same time, La Nina and MJO's activities could contribute significantly to the formation of rain clouds in Indonesian region.

Therefore, the public is asked to be alert to possible flooding, flash floods, landslides, whirlwinds, fallen trees and slippery roads that follow heavy rainfall.

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