Covid-19 Medical Workers in Jakarta Facilitated by Comfortable Lodging

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | March 27th, 2020 05:23 PM 17:23 WIB | Dibaca 708 kali
Covid-19 Medical Workers in Jakarta Facilitated by Comfortable Lodging (Foto : /

PT Jakarta Tourisindo (Jaktour), facilitated a comfortable and suitable lodging for medical workers who treat COVID-19 patients in the capital. This statement was directly stated by Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan at Jakarta City Hall, Central Jakarta, on Thursday (3/26).

" They are our heroes who work the hardest, heaviest and have the greatest risk"

On that occasion, the governor and its ranks continued to support them to face the virus, moreover they need quality rest after duty.

"They are our heroes who work the hardest, heaviest and have the greatest risk. Some of them did not go home for fear that they have a risk of transmitting the virus. Starting today, we have provided a lodging for them like medical workers, doctors and nurses at Grand Cempaka Hotel as a decent place to rest," explained the governor, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

For the first step, medical workers from Pasar Minggu and Tarakan hospitals had occupied the hotel since Thursday morning.

"There are 138 medical workers who will occupy 220 rooms with 414 beds. Besides comfortable and large, food supply is also sufficient," he expressed.

Hopefully all parties wanted to collaborate in providing support for medical workers who face the coronavirus.

"We also have other places that are under preparation under Jaktour. I hope all parties can be involved, supporting them in carrying out this noble humanitarian duty," he said.

He also appreciated all parties who assisted in helping and supporting them.

"I would like to specifically thank the participating Indonesian Food Services Association, Food Station, Susu Diamond, Bank DKI, Dompet Dhuafa and Pasar Jaya to have Chambers Disinfection. So all medical workers who come have a disinfection process first and then enter the facility, this is to ensure that the fore ones can get sufficient support," he explained.

As reported earlier, as many as 50 medical workers had been exposed to the Covid-19 outbreak. 2 of them died. It occurred in 24 hospitals in Jakarta. Which is why the city provided any important supports, such as protective gears and rapid test devices for Covid-19.

"But, right now, we prioritize for them thus they have a sense of calm and also if there are early symptoms, they can quickly be treated," he added.

Jaktour President Director Novita Dewi explained that they were asked to meet several requirements to use living facilities from the city government.

"They get a letter of introduction from the hospital and coordinate with the Health Agency. So we have stages, today's first stage starts at Grand Cempaka Business for Tarakan and Pasar Minggu RSUDs. The second stage is for other RSUDs and third is for other hospitals beyond RSUD," she explained.

"Covid-19 rapid tests for hotel employees will also be done. It is applied from the entrance until he exits both for medical workers there will be a disinfecting chamber and another chamber for the public, we make two chambers. This is applied every day. Surely we spray disinfectant liquid here," she added.

The following facilities provided at the Grand Cempaka Business Hotel include:

1. Bedroom

2. Toiletries

3. Room cleaning service by spraying disinfectant every day

4. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

5. Free flow of drinks

6. Shuttle from the hospital to the hotel by Transjakarta bus

7. 24-hour Customer Care Services

8. Counseling with psychologists and sports facilities

For the next step, the rest of medical workers were planned to occupy the d'Arcici Alhijra Hotel, Cempaka Putih Hotel, Sunter d'Arcici Hotel and Plumpang d'Arcici Hotel.