Citizenship Document Service Opened for Fire Victims in Cililitan

Sabtu, 20 September 2014 22:36 Nurito Nugroho Adibrata 1826

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We directly open service for processing id card and family card

To lighten the fire victims' burden, especially for those who lost their citizenship documents, Jakarta Population and Civil Registration Department held a jemput bola service (officers to take the initiative to visit residents) at the ex-fire location, RW 10 Cililitan, Kramatjati, Saturday (9/20).

Previously, fire had burned houses in RT 01, 02, and 09/RW 10 Cililitan Urban Village a while ago. Many victims lost citizenship documents, like family card, id card, etc.

Wahyono, (36), one of fire victims admitted all citizenship documents owned by his family was burned when fire happened. At that time, he was in the office and only his wife and children at home. "Fire burned my all citizenship documents, ranging from family card, diploma, marriage certificate, vehicle ownership documents, and passbook. I can only save id card due to it is stored in the wallet," he told, Saturday (9/20).

Head of Jakarta Population and Civil Registration Department, Purba Hutapea disclosed from 350 victims, his department has issued 293 family cards, and the rest are still under selection process. "We directly open service for processing id card and family card. Besides we also already have the data base. So, residents just tell their name and date of birth, and their data will show up from our computer," he explained.

He added for id card, as many as 55 sheets have been issued.