Regional Head Chosen by DPRD Vulnerable to Collusion

Selasa, 09 September 2014 13:54 Erna Martiyanti Nugroho Adibrata 1673

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I believe there will be collusion if the mechanism is converted

The draft law of Regional Head Election (Pilkada) set by the Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) is currently being debated. Jakarta Vice Governor, Basuki 'Ahok' T Purnama did not agree with the planned conversion of the mechanism of the regional head election that is vulnerable to collusion.

"I believe there will be collusion if the mechanism is converted," asserted the man who popularly called as Ahok, City Hall, Monday (9/8).

According to him, such mechanism will potentially cause the local head not to care the people anymore. But, they only find how to prosper council members, thus the next period can be selected again. "If I am selected by DPRD every day, I'll be thinking about City Budget (APBD) money, play golf service, eat at a restaurant, etc. Certainly I will live in pleasure, because my destiny lies in DPRD members," he explained.

He revealed that the conversion is done, it will deviate from the goal of reform. This is because, the goal is regional head election can be selected directly by the people. He added, thing that should be converted is the requirement of a person be the head, not its mechanism. One of the requirements to become regional head is must dare to prove the reverse wealth. Because of the main problem of officials is corruption practice.

The proposed regional head election through DPRD is still being discussed by the Working Committee on the Draft Law on Regional Head Election with Home Affairs Ministry. In the discussion, a number of fractions incorporated in the Coalition of Red and White agreed election through DPRD. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), Hanura, and National Awakening Party (PKB) are still in their decision where regional head must be voted by the people.