Thousand Islands to Display Tourist Icons in Lebaran Betawi

Jumat, 19 Juli 2019 15:54 Suparni Nugroho Adibrata 641

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Approaching Lebaran Betawi, the Thousand Islands Regency is ready to liven up it by displaying tourist icons in the event that falls on July 19-21.  

We have Jembatan Cinta (Love Bridge) and other tour site videos

Thousand Islands Vice Regent, Junaedi said, during the event, Betawi houses and several replicas like transportation until tourist sites and selfie spots for visitors will be exhibited.

"We have Jembatan Cinta (Love Bridge) and other tour site videos," he expressed, Friday (7/19). 

This is also a promotional event for introducing the beautiful of Thousand Islands and hopes that economic transactions will be beneficial for the local residents.

His party also plans to exhibit a variety of processed food products and handicraft souvenirs from each urban village.

"Those products will also be marketed directly at the stand and ready to receive product orders," he stated.