Breadfruit Tree Planting in Seribu Islands Intensified

Rabu, 26 September 2018 16:51 Rudi Hermawan Nugroho Adibrata 1052

(Foto: Rudi Hermawan -

The breadfruit tree planting will soon be intensified in some islands that spread in Seribu Islands.

We call it the movement of a thousand breadfruit

Seribu Islands Regent, Husein Murad disclosed that breadfruit in the Seribu Islands is very well known. "We call it the movement of a thousand breadfruit," he expressed, Wednesday (9/26).

It will involve all elements of society, social institutions and the state civil apparatus (ASN).

"It will be intensified on Tidung Kecil Island. We will do this this year but we have to hold a meeting first," he said.