Pujaseri in Untung Jawa Island Needs Improvement

Reporter : Budhi Firmansyah Surapati | Editor : Arief Rahman | October 3rd, 2014 03:42 PM 15:42 WIB | Dibaca 1542 kali
Pujaseri in Untung Jawa Island Needs Improvement (Foto : Budhi Firmansyah Surapati / Beritajakarta.id)

The building of fish food market (Pujaseri) in Untung Jawa Island, Seribu Islands is abandoned. The relevant unit is encouraged to renovate the building so it can be used as one of sea recreational attraction in the island.

"I hope the related unit will immediately renovate the building to avoid victims "

The place which has width 1,200 meter was initially expected to accommodate dozens of fish food sellers. Previously, they usually sold their food at the seashore. Unfortunately, the quiet buyer and prone to collapse building condition made the traders left the area which is owned by Jakarta Dept. of Cooperatives, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Trade.

Nurdin (30), admitted he had sell for three months in that place. Due to quiet buyer, he and other sellers moved back to the seashore. His turnover selling at the Pujaseri was Rp 300 thousand, while at the seashore was Rp 1 million per day.

"I hope the related unit will immediately renovate the building to avoid victims," he said, Thursday (10/2).

The information gathered by beritajakarta.com, the building was firstly built in 2007. The progress had stalled because of pile error. So the construction having slope.

In 2008, the development was proposed again and realized in 2009. Due to unknown reason, the building has no management.

Seribu Island Head Sub-dept. of Cooperatives, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises and Trade, Richard Bangun, admitted he does not understand the reason why the Pujaseri building has no management. It because he was not involved in the project.

"Some part of the building have damaged. We also involved University of Indonesia in 2011 to inventory the building and proposal of rehabilitation is proposed this year," Bangun explained.

According to him, Rp 3 billion is already proposed to renovate the building. Later on, the building could be use by 15-20 traders.