City Signs CP 201 for MRT Phase 2A Bundaran HI-Harmoni Construction Project

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Maria Inggita | February 17th, 2020 07:41 PM 19:41 WIB | Dibaca 159 kali
City Signs CP 201 for MRT Phase 2A Bundaran HI-Harmoni Construction Project (Foto : Istimewa /

Jakarta Government through PT. MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) signed Work Contract Package with Shimizu-Adhi Karya Joint Venture (SAJV) regarding Design and Build Underground Section MRT Jakarta Project Phase 2 - Contract Package 201 (CP 201).

" Insya Allah, it will be finished by the end of 2024"

CP 201 is the continuation of MRT Jakarta North South Phase construction that will build station and tunnel as long as 2.8 kilometers that connects Bundaran HI and Harmoni Stations. This contract was signed by MRT Jakarta Construction Director, Silvia Halim and representative of Shimizu-Adhi Karya JV (SAJV), Yutaka Okumura, at Bundaran HI MRT Station, Central Jakarta, on Monday (2/17).

This signing was witnessed by Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan; Japanese Ambassador to Republic of Indonesia, Masafumi Ishii; President Director of PT. MRT Jakarta, William P. Sabandar; JICA Chief Representative for Republic of Indonesia, Yamanaka Shinichi; and President Director of PT. Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk., Budi Harto. Through signing the contract, it marks the commencement of MRT Phase 2A project. In this chance, Anies reminds the related sides to work optimally thus MRT Phase 2A project can be done as planned and finished on time.

"Alhamdulillah, another good news for transportation in Jakarta. Today, we have witnessed the signing of an initial contract for the realization of MRT Phase 2A as long as 2.8 kilometers that will be done in 58 months. Insya Allah, it will be finished by the end of 2024. It is a part of developing an integrated mass transportation in Jakarta. Hopefully this project could be done on time, on budget, with a good quality. We expect the traffic engineering can be implemented well during the project. Thus people can carry out activities as usual, and feel the minimal impact of the development process," he stated as quoted from Jakarta PPID's Press Conference.

Moreover, his side especially appreciated President Joko Widodo and central government apparatuses for its intensive collaboration to realize MRT Jakarta Phase 2A construction.

"Thank you for Mr. President and its subordinates who support us continuously. Some steps that must be taken for this project requires a very intensive collaboration with central government. Alhamdulillah it could go well," he added.

Meanwhile, Japanese Ambassador for Indonesia, Masafumi Ishii also appreciated MRT Jakarta Phase 1 which is used as integrated public transport in Jakarta.

"March 24, 2019 we have made the history by inaugurating MRT Phase 1 as the symbol of friendship between Indonesia and Japan. I appreciate the residents who are choosing MRT to arrive on their destination place on time. MRT changes Jakarta's culture as the mass transport. I think this has certainly changed the daily patterns of society. After the initial phase, now it continues by signing the CP 201 Phase 2A as the first construction between Bundaran HI and Harmoni Stations, then later it will be continued to Kota," he explained.

For information, MRT Phase 2A project is started from existing Bundaran HI Station to Kota Station with track as long as 6 kilometers in total. It consists of 7 underground stations; Thamrin Station, Monas Station, Harmoni Station, Sawah Besar Station, Mangga Besar Station, Glodok Station, and Kota Station. In the contract, there are 3 civil contract packages including CP 201, CP 202, and CP 203.

Construction will be started from CP 201 in March 2020 for 58 months. It is targeted to finish in December 2024. While CP 202 and CP 203 will be started in September 2020.

MRT Jakarta President Director, William P. Sabandar said, CP 201 contract signing marks the beginning of Phase 2A construction project. In this contract, there are two construction plans for underground stations, Thamrin Station and Monas Station that will connect Bundaran HI Station to Harmoni Station.

"Considering this project is located in Ring 1, MRT Jakarta will always prioritize people's safety, especially Jakartans. Thus, MRT Jakarta will use high security system during the construction in Thamrin Station and Monas Station," he asserted.

Later, PT. MRT Jakarta will integrate the project with Phase 2B or known as the north-south track and it will continue the construction of east-west track. The starting point for Phase 2B consruction is on the stop point at Ancol Barat.

He assessed, Phase 2B is as long as 5.8 kilometers which consists of three stations; Mangga Dua Station, Ancol Marina Station, and Ancol Barat Station. This project is estimated to start in the mid of 2022 and operate in 2027.