Anies Inaugurated Sigit Wijatmoko as North Jakarta Mayor

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Maria Inggita | September 4th, 2019 11:16 AM 11:16 WIB | Dibaca 572 kali
Anies Inaugurated Sigit Wijatmoko as North Jakarta Mayor (Foto : Reza Hapiz /

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan inaugurated and led the oath-taking of West Jakarta Mayor, Sigit Wijatmoko, at Great Hall, City Hall, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (9/3). This inauguration and oath-taking events continued with integrity pact signing.

"I hope he continues to give the best service for residents"

Formerly, Sigit Wijatmoko acted as Deputy Head of Jakarta Transportation Department. While North Jakarta Mayor was formerly held by Syamsudin Lologau who is retiring from September 1 and was temporarily replaced by North Jakarta Vice Mayor, Ali Maulana since August 30.

"Today, we are witnessing of Mr. Sigit who are being appointed to replace the former Mayor who is entering retirement. I hope he continues to give the best service for residents. As we know, North Jakarta has quite complex environment issues and social issues. Thus we hope current North Jakarta Mayor can optimize his experiences and skills," Anies said based on Jakarta PPID Press Conference.

In this chance, he also asserted that official rotation, promotion and replacement are parts to a refresher organizational development in Jakarta Provincial Goverment.

"We have prepared the program, while its execution will need communication and collaboration from all components. The challenge is to develop sea transportation. We all want North Jakarta as the coastal region to have optimal development in transportation. Thus I hope our current North Jakarta Mayor can be serious in optimizing this aspect," he explained.

He mentioned that new mayor is needed to control several strategic development in North Jakarta, such as Intermediate Treatment Facility (ITF) and international standard stadium for soccer as the home of Persija. Besides, education and health issues should be able to be solved in order to develop North Jakarta residents.

"In the other side, North Jakarta is the initial region of Jakarta. It starts from coastal area and now it is as big as it is now. I hope you can make this region as one of the maritime tourism destinations, or even international tourism area," Anies stated.

Anies also conveyed his appreciation to Syamsuddin Lologau who retired as North Jakarta Mayor. He reminds all civil apparatuses, especially in North Jakarta to be able to collaborate with residents in creating programs that can develop a sustainable capital's region.

"I hope mandate given to Mr. Sigit can be implemented well. Insya Allah, it becomes Mr. Sigit's opportunity to give his best to Jakarta. So, congratulation for your new duty," he stated.