PTSP Goes to Mall Listed in Top 99's Public Service Innovation Competition

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | June 25, 2018 02:43 PM | Hits 190
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PTSP Goes to Mall service programmed by Jakarta PM and PTSP Dept. managed to enter the Top 99's Public Service Innovation Competition this year.

"PTSP Goes to Mall is available to ease of consulting services and licensing an d non licensing processing"

Around 99 public service innovations will then be given opinions, support and objections from the public. After going through the stages of the new advanced assessment, it will be ranked by value and set with decree of Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucracy Reform (PAN-RB).

Jakarta PM and PTSP Dept. Head, Edy Junaedi expressed, in the competition, his dept. made a proposal titled PTSP Goes to Mall, Synergy Government, Private, and Society.

"PTSP Goes to Mall is available to ease of consulting services and licensing and non licensing processing," he stated, Monday (6/25).

He explained the selection of shopping centers as the location of services, because malls become part of high economic and business activities. Since its launch in 2015, its service is already in 29 shopping centers.

"This innovation gives an alternative to the public to reach the nearest locations in addition to services in the urban village, sub-district, city, and provincial PTSP. Especially in the capital, has a routine or a high activity," he explained.

He added the presence of various service innovations provided by PM and PTSP Dept. is hoped to improve the business and investment in the city.

"We continue to build a bureaucratic positive image through quick and easy licensing services. Hopefully, it can make Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) better," he stated. 

As known, the public service innovation competition is held by the PAN-RB Ministry yearly to encourage the growing innovation of public services from ministries, agencies and local governments.

This year, in the competition, there are 2,824 proposals of public service innovation competition in the public service innovation information system (Sinovik) that are selected by the independent panel team.