150 PNS Attended TKD Socialization in South Jakarta

Rabu, 29 Juli 2015 17:31 Izzudin Arief Rahman 3181

(Foto: - Beritajakarta.id)

A total of 150 civil servants (PNS) in South Jakarta Administration attended socialization activities about Regional Performance Allowance (TKD). With this activity, the civil servants are expected to improve their work ethic to achieve maximum results.

Essentially, TKD is for employee welfare

"Essentially, TKD is for employee welfare. We only have principle; work, work, and work," told Management and Employment Division Head of South Jakarta Administration, Bambang Eko Prabowo, Wednesday (7/29).

According to him, TKD distribution refers to Gubernatorial Regulation No. 193/2015 on Regional Performance Allowance (TKD).

Prabowo hoped, PNS performance can be optimized with the existing system because the TKD is not only about allowance, but also sanction and employee discipline.

He uttered, nominal amount for echelon IV is Rp 24 million to Rp 27 million and for the common functional positions (JFU) ranged between Rp 10 million - Rp 19 million.

"TKD distribution will depend on employees' work achievement," told Prabowo.

He added, Dynamic Allowance and Static Allowance system is no longer valid because it has been merged into current TKD system.