Personnel Collect 12 Cubic Meters of Waste from RW 04 Kelapa Island

Thursday, May 30th 2024 Reporter: Anita Karyati Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 139

Grebek Sampah di Pulau Kelapa Libatkan 50 Personel Gabungan

(Foto: Anita Karyati)

The Grebek Sampah (waste cleanup) action initiated by government and community elements in Kelapa Islands Urban Village, North Seribu Islands Sub-district, Seribu Islands, succeeded in cleaning up 12 cubic meters of waste.

Hopefully, we can always work together to keep Kelapa Island Urban Village clean and beautiful

Kelapa Island Urban Village Head, Muslim said the cleanup action involved 50 people consisting of PPSU, Environment Sub-agency, SDA Sub-agency, and residents.

"It is focused on protocol roads in RW 04, precisely in front of the North Jakarta Seribu Islands Sector Police to Kelapa Island Urban Village Office," he expressed, Thursday (5/30).

He explained it is a routine activity to ensure the environment is clean, beautiful, and comfortable. Including, it is related to avoiding the presence of Aedes Aegypti mosquito larvae.

"As a tourist destination, we want the Kelapa Island Urban Village area to provide comfort for tourists," he explained.

To optimize it, to the location, he deployed motor carts, sacks, and trash bins to optimally collect plastic waste, wood, tree branches, cans, and iron bars.

"We urge the public to continuously maintain the environment and routinely check places that allow mosquitoes to breed," he added.

He added the cleanup action is also a means of establishing closeness between residents and government elements.

"Hopefully, we can always work together to keep Kelapa Island Urban Village clean and beautiful," he hoped.

The action above received one of the residents in RT 02/04, Kelapa Island Urban Village, Jamela (40). She admitted, personnel were quick to clean protocol roads and abandoned places that have the potential to be sources of disease.

"I also do the same thing in her environment. We are often reminded that residents are also leaders in their place," she stated.

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