Munjirin: PKK's Role in Overcoming Environmental Problems is Very Important

Monday, May 27th 2024 Reporter: Tiyo Surya Sakti Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 391

Munjirin Tekankan Pentingnya Peran PKK Menghadapi Permasalahan Lingkungan

(Foto: Tiyo Surya Sakti)

South Jakarta Mayor, Munjirin, emphasized the important role of the Jakarta Family Empowerment and Welfare Mobilization Team (TP PKK) in helping the government overcome environmental problems.

The role of these mothers is very important 

According to him, all PKK cadres to be alert in dealing with problems in the environment, one of which is handling cases of dengue fever and stunting.

He explained PKK cadres and other cadres such as Jumantik must be at the forefront in overcoming the problems of dengue fever and stunting, which currently still exist in South Jakarta.

"The role of these mothers is very important, our government together with three pillars is not enough, so the women cadres must be our spearheads in overcoming problems in their respective environments," she expressed, when he opened the routine recitation of the South Jakarta TP PKK at the Darul Jannah Mosque, South Jakarta Mayor's Office, Monday (5/27).

He went on to say that PKK cadres must also help make every major event held by the government a success. One of these big events is the Regional Head Election (Pilkada) which will take place in the near future because it requires the role of all elements of society.

"Hopefully, if we work together, all the problems in South Jakarta can be resolved well, and of course we will get extraordinary rewards," he explained.

South Jakarta TP PKK Chairwoman, Essie Feransie Munjirin added it is the routine agenda of South Jakarta Working Group 1 TP PKK which aims to strengthen ties between all cadres, the government and other stakeholders, as well as to strengthen the values of faith.

She explained that by carrying the theme "Struggle and Patience Never Ends" and presenting the lecturer Ustadzah Hajah Rizkiyah, it waz hoped that participants would be able to implement this theme into their daily lives and to society.

"Today, we invite 300 PKK cadres throughout South Jakarta and representatives of the South Jakarta Dharma Wanita Association to be here to take part in activities that are very useful and full of blessings," she closed.

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