104 Kilogram of Red Onion Harvested at KBT Riverbank

Tuesday, May 21st 2024 Reporter: Nurito Translator: Rizky Mawardi 223

Ratusan Kilogram Sayur Dipanen di Bantaran KBT

(Foto: Istimewa)

There are 104 kilogram of red onion, Tuesday (5/21), harvested from urban farming land at East Flood Canal (KBT) riverbank, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta.

This is the first red onion harvest

Duren Sawit Sub-district Head, Kelik, said today's harvest were the result of planting three months ago.

"This is the first red onion harvest. Even though it is still being tested, the results are quite good," he said.

He added that this program will be continued since the land is quite wide. It is hoped the land will be the longest urban farming in East Jakarta.

Duren Sawit Sub-district Food Tenacity, Maritime and Agriculture Implementer Unit Head, Siti Halimah, admitted her side also harvested 33 kilogram of kale, five kilogram of spinach, and 15 kilogram eggplant.

Those vegetables, she added, were harvested from KBT riverbank urban farming land at Pondok Kopi Urban Village, Pondok Bambu, Pondok Kelapa, Malaka Jaya, Malaksari, Klender and Duren Sawit Urban Village.

"The total land area used is approximately 500 square meters spread over seven sub-district areas," she added.

The harvested red onion is partly sold to residents by Rp 15,000 for a quarter kilogram.

"Some of them are processed into fried red onion," Halimah closed.

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