Illegal Parking Attendants in S. Jakarta Being Collected for Comfort of Residents

Wednesday, May 15th 2024 Reporter: Tiyo Surya Sakti Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 315

Petugas Gabungan Tertibkan Jukir Liar di Jaksel

(Foto: Budhi Firmansyah Surapati)

The South Jakarta Transportation Sub-agency personnel have started collecting data on illegal parking attendants.

It is focused on Tebet and Setiabudi sub-districts

South Jakarta Transportation Sub-agency Head, Bernad Octavianus stated the data collection involved 50 joint personnel of South Jakarta Transportation Sub-agency, Satpol PP, Social Sub-agency, army, and police.

"It is focused on Tebet and Setiabudi sub-districts," he expressed, Wednesday (5/15)

He explained it was done with a persuasive approach accompanied by giving advice and warnings in order to avoid anxiety for vehicle users.

"We urge them not facilitate the use of social and public facilities such as roads and sidewalks for parking. Then, at minimarts, we ask not to charge parking fees," he explained.

According to him, data collection and supervision of illegal parking attendants would be conducted regularly, both in minimarts and other business places, including locations prone to illegal parking.

"Today, we have collected the data of six illegal parking attendants in Setiabudi Sub-district and five in Tebet Sub-district. I warn them to obey the rules and not trigger public unrest," he added.

The action above received appreciation from one of the residents, Diana (45).

"Very good, to make Jakarta more conducive and comfortable. I ask that official parking be added to make it easier for us," he stated.

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