FKDM Chair Supports Acting Governor's Solution Policy for Minimart Parking Attendants

Tuesday, May 14th 2024 Reporter: Folmer Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 247

Ketua FKDM DKI Dukung Kebijakan Solutif Pj Gubernur untuk Jukir Minimarket

(Foto: Istimewa)

Jakarta Early Awareness Society Forum Chairman, Tobaristani strongly supports the solution policy of the Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono regarding illegal parking attendants at minimarts.

He wants to humanize humans

According to him, the Acting Governor's plan was that the control of parking attendants at minimarts be carried out humanely as a humane policy.

"He is very clear that he wants to humanize humans, not just to bring order. This is a reflection of him as a leader with noble morals," he expressed, Tuesday (5/14).

He hoped that this attention could be implemented well by the relevant regional apparatus organizations (OPD) together with stakeholders.

"They must follow up by sitting with stakeholders to reach the best solution," he explained.

He proposed that minimart parking attendants could be recruited as official security personnel and parking attendants by the minimart owner or manager.

"They (FKDM) has intensified monitoring, the minimart does not have security personnel or official parking attendants. We want parking attendants to be hired and paid an official salary, thus parking at minimarts can be free," he expressed.

According to him, the presence of security personnel and official drivers is a form of maximum service to consumers.

"I'm sure it won't cause losses to the company. The company's image is getting better because it is helping to overcome unemployment in Jakarta by providing jobs and decent wages," he explained.

He added that training of existing parking attendants, who are generally residents around minimarts, to become security personnel can be conducted by the Agency of Manpower, Transmigration and Energy (Nakertransgi).

"This agency has a training for security officer. Then, when they are on duty or working, the minimart manager can coordinate with the local police to hold monitoring," he explained.

As a note, controlling minimart parking attendants must give priority to employing residents at the location where the minimart is located. Especially, those who are the backbone of the family and come from poor communities.

"Don't let those who are recruited or hired not be local residents. Moreover, from outside Jakarta. This opportunity must be maximized to reduce the unemployment rate in Jakarta. In fact, FKDM personnel at the urban village level are also ready to help," he closed.

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