Two Islands Produce 15 Tons of Garbage on Idul Fitri

Wednesday, April 17th 2024 Reporter: Anita Karyati Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 299

 15 Ton Sampah Diangkut dari Dua Pulau

(Foto: Anita Karyati)

The Seribu Islands Environment Sub-agency and PPSU personnel have managed to clean up 15 tons of waste on Panggang and Pramuka islands.

Dozens of tons of waste are the result of cleaning on D+3 to D+5 of Idul Fitri

Seribu Islands Environment Sub-agency Acting Head, Dadang Cahya Rusdiana expressed the 15 tons of garbage were  is waste from households, roads, as well as tourist areas and coastal areas.

"Dozens of tons of waste are the result of cleaning on D+3 to D+5 of Idul Fitri. There is six tons of garbage from Panggang Island and nine tons from Pramuka Island," he expressed, Wednesday (4/17).

He explained the work involved 40 personnel from Seribu Islands Environment Sub-agency and 30 from PPSU who are mobild for 24 hours.

"We have anticipated an increase in waste after Idul Fitri along with increased tourist visits," he explained.

According to him, most dozens of tons of garbage consisted of plastic, used food and drink packaging, and organic waste.

"We transport them using four motor carts to temporary waste dumps on each island," he explained.

He added the waste would then be transported using the Laut Bersih speed boat to the disposal transit location in Bantar Gebang.

"Every day, we have personnel on standby to transport garbage, as well as ensure cleanliness, both on the coast and in residential areas," he uttered.

Panggang Island Urban Village Secretary, Muhammad Nuralim uttered an increase in the volume of waste usually occurs during the Idul Fitri holidays.

"We have implemented work shifts for officers during the Idul Fitri holidays, thus cleanliness is maintained and there is no accumulation of rubbish at the TPS," he stated.

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