Two Areas Arrangement in South Jakarta Completed

Monday, April 1st 2024 Reporter: Tiyo Surya Sakti Translator: Rizky Mawardi 941

Penataan Kawasan Dua Wilayah di Jaksel Rampung

(Foto: Tiyo Surya Sakti)

The first quarter of prime area arrangement in Ciganjur Urban Village, Jagakarsa Sub-district and Kebayoran Lama Selatan Urban Village, Kebayoran Lama Sub-district are completed.

motivate residents to maintain the beauty and cleanliness

Ciganjur Urban Village Head, Yuyun Ayunah, said the arrangement was run on Jalan Warung Sila, RT 04/05 which previously used as street vendors and illegal parking.

"The area was also used by People Need Social Welfare Services (PPKS)," she said, Monday (4/1).

Yuyun added his side constructed park, water channel, name board, trash bin, mural and painting.

"The construction was run since January 2025 by deploying seven PPSU personnel assisted by other rainbow personnel," she added.

Meanwhile, Kebayoran Lama Selatan Urban Village Head, Erwan Yosssiawan, said the arrangement was done on Jalan Kopro Banjir, RW 11 above 166 square meter of land.

"The arrangement applying park concept beautified with Betawi mural," he said.

Previously, the area was used as illegal dump site.

"Arrangement was run by six Orange personnel assisted by South Jakarta City Park and Forestry Sub-agency and Food Tenacity, Maritime and Agriculture Sub-agency," he added.

He hoped this arrangement will motivate residents to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of environment.

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