RPTRA Rawa Badak Utara Equipped with Library Container

Thursday, March 7th 2024 Reporter: Anita Karyati Translator: Rizky Mawardi 1958

Kontainer Perpustakaan Hadir di RPTRA Rawa Badak Utara

(Foto: Anita Karyati)

Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space (RPTRA) Rawa Badak Utara, Koja Sub-district is now equipped with library container. This new facility is assisted by Ocean Network Express (ONE) collaborated with KMDI Container Depot and Save the Children.

 attract children to love reading

Rawa Badak Utara Urban Village Head, Nani, appreciated the assistance given to the RPTRA.

"I deliver my appreciation for all side who already contributing in providing the container library," she said, Wednesday (3/6).

She hopes the container library will increase the literacy for children in Rawa Badak Utara Urban Village. The RPTRA can be also used for sharing with each other.

Meanwhile, North Jakarta RPTRA Coordinator, Suto, explained the container library has 1,000 books complete with bookshelves, folding tables, fans, pillows and educational games.

"This surely attract children to love reading," he explained.

As planned before, he added, more tables and chairs will be added up around the container.

"There are 100 visitors on weekday and 200 visitors on holiday," he added.

Amel (8), local resident, admitted happy with the container library.

"It's so fun to read the book here. We love this," she admitted.

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