BBPOM Destroys Hundreds of Millions of Illegal Cosmetics

Friday, March 1st 2024 Reporter: Folmer Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 513

 BBPOM Jakarta Musnahkan Kosmetik Ilegal Bernilai Ratusan Juta

(Foto: Istimewa)

The Center for Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BBPOM) in Jakarta has destroyed illegal cosmetics worth hundreds of millions as a result of intensified supervision at beauty clinics and contract cosmetic agents or resellers.

Today's action still found cosmetics circulating without a distribution permit

Jakarta BBPOM Head, Sofiyani Chandrawati Anwar said the supervision held from February 19 to 23, 2024 was carried out thematically, thus cosmetics circulating in Jakarta complied with regulations and met quality and safety requirements.

"Today's action still found cosmetics circulating without a distribution permit, not complying with labeling requirements, and hard drugs being repackaged in cosmetic facilities that were sold online. The total findings were 27 items with a total of 1,045 pieces and an economic value of around Rp 168 million," she stated, in her written statement, Friday (3/1).

She explained that BBPOM imposed administrative sanctions in the form of destroying illegal cosmetics as a result of active intensification of supervision.

"We also did guidance to business actors to practice in beauty clinics and distribute cosmetics following applicable regulations," she explained.

It was a routine action. It was aimed at stopping the supply and demand chain for cosmetics that are illegal and/or contain dangerous ingredients.

"We'll always play an active role in guiding and supervising the distribution of cosmetic products in order to protect the public from the circulation of illegal cosmetics and/or containing prohibited and/or dangerous ingredients," she explained.

He also urged residents to always apply "Cek KLIK" (Check Packaging, Label, Marketing Permit, and Expiration) before buying and using cosmetics.

"Make sure the cosmetics used have been notified by BPOM, thus they always meet safety, quality, and benefits," he said.

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