DWP Dispusip Holds Friday Blessing for 500 PJLP Employees

Friday, February 23rd 2024 Reporter: Nurito Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 355

DWP Dispusip DKI Gelar Jumat Berkah Bagi 500 PJLP

(Foto: Nurito)

The Dharma Wanita Persatuan under Jakarta Library and Archives (DWP Dispusip), held a Jumat Berkah (Friday Blessing) with theme "Let's Care About Others".

Hopefully, the activity like this will be a routine agenda in other agencies in Jakarta

Jakarta DWP Chairwoman, Endang Lestari Joko Agus Setyono disclosed the Jumat Berkah is a routinr program in the scope of Jakarta DWP to strengthem togetherness, ties between wives of state civil servants (ASN).

"Hopefully, the activity like this will be a routine agenda in other agencies in Jakarta," she expressed, Friday (2/23).

Jakarta DWP Dispusip Chairwoman, Sakinah Firmansyah added there were about 500 PJLPs serving under the Jakarta Dispusip, Pusip Sub-agency, and the HB Yasin Cikini Library Building.

He urged all PJLPs to continue working, working in their respective fields in providing community services and supporting Jakarta Provincial Government programs.

"Hopefully, it brings a positive impact for all employees here," she hoped.

Jakarta Dispusip Head, Firmansyah explained it was a positive activity in honing sensitivity towards the surrounding environment. Thus, the culture of the Indonesian people in this form of alms must be preserved.

He uttered the PJLP had been very helpful in Jakarta's program in providing community services

"This is in order to share with others. Because we don't live alone, we have an environment around us, so we have to share with each other," he concluded.

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