Chinatown Festival to Enliven Chinese New Year Celebration in TMII

Tuesday, February 6th 2024 Reporter: Nurito Translator: Rizky Mawardi 555

Sambut Imlek, TMII Hadirkan Festival Pecinan

(Foto: Nurito)

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) will hold Chinatown Festival in order to enliven Chinese New Year 2575. The festival is held from February 8 to 11, 2024.

People can visit to by ticket

TMII's Director, Claudia Ingkiriwang, said the festival will be enlivened with bazaar, lion dance (barongsai) at Plaza Kori Agung Museum Indonesia, Wayang Potehi, Chinese new year dance and music performance, and also Kecak dance.

On Saturday (2/10) morning, there will be religious activity held by Majelis Tinggi Agama Khonghucu (Matakin) at Kong Miao temple.

Claudia explained that her side is cooperated with small middle enterprise (UKM) from Bambu Apus Urban Village, Lubang Buaya, Ceger, and so on for the bazaar.

The UKM will serve special Chinese dishes such as Kue Keranjang, Lontng Cap Go meh, Sago, Mochi, Lumpia Tahu and others.

"There are 20 UKMs have been listed to enliven the bazaar at TMII Tram Mover Station," she explained.

Meanwhile, TMII Public Relation Head, Novera Mayang, admitted the festival can be a means of cultural education for children and students.

She stated that visitors can enjoy several entertainment such as Balance Bike at Istana Anak-Anak Indonesia, Gamelan Corobalen at Tourist Information Center, Tirta Menari and Dawai Biola Fontain, Tabuh Nusantara at Plaza Promenade, Culinary Bazaar, and Karbitan Band performance at Tram Mover Station.

"People can visit to by ticket," she closed.

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