Heru - ASN Holds Coordination Meeting to Discuss Evaluation and Work Plan 2024

Thursday, February 1st 2024 Reporter: Folmer Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 289

Rakor Perangkat Daerah DKI 2024 Menuju Jakarta Global City Rampung

(Foto: Folmer)

The Jakarta Provincial Government continues to realize its transformation as a Global City from various aspects. One of the most important things is preparing Human Resources (HR) who will play a role in improving the quality of government governance through evaluation and performance planning. Hence, the Jakarta Government held a coordination meeting for regional apparatus in 2024 with the theme "Towards Jakarta Global City".

ASN must also have the quality and character to support the realization of Jakarta Global City

Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono said that through today's meeting, participants from various regional institutions of Jakarta could gain an understanding of the Global City concept.

"As a State Civil Apparatus (ASN), you must know the role of the Jakarta Government and its stakeholders. ASN must also have the quality and character to support the realization of Jakarta Global City," he expressed while accompanied by City Secretary, Joko Agus Setyono, at Borobudur Hotel, Central Jakarta, Thursday (2/1).

He added the participants could also develop action plans to resolve several strategic problems and risks faced by the Jakarta Government towards Jakarta Global City.

"If I take part in the coordination meetings on Monday and Wednesday, I'm sure that these two goals have been achieved. Now, we just have to try to take real action in realizing Jakarta Global City," he explained.

He hoped that the meeting could be used as a place to exchange ideas and experiences, as well as build togetherness between regional officials. He also appreciated his staff who during this forum had contributed ideas and ideas to advance the city.

"It can also be a means of warming up at the beginning of the year, thus the bureaucratic engine will run smoothly in the implementation of activities later. I thank all members of the Working Group (Pokja) who have produced some identified problems and risks as well as solutions and action plans for these various problems," he added.

City Secretary, Joko Agus Setyono stated that performance evaluation and planning were organized into working groups divided into nine groups.

"I express my appreciation to the members of the nine working groups who have carried out serious discussions, resulting in the identification of problems, strategic risks, solutions, risk management, and action plans," he explained.

Those nine working groups were namely staffing; finance; asset; procurement of goods and services; spatial planning and permits; social assistance; BUMD management; BLUD management; as well as investment and ease of doing business.

"In the future, all problems and the action plans that have been prepared will be monitored for resolution. The discussion went well earlier and hopefully, after hearing the presentations of the nine working groups, we'll have the same understanding of these various significant matters," he asserted.

In the meeting, there was also a signing of a performance agreement by Middle-High Leadership Officials and Primary-High Leadership Officials under the Jakarta Government. It is a form of commitment to implementing programs and activities for all heads of regional apparatus throughout 2024.

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