Acting Governor and Forkopimda Intensify Urban Farming

Friday, January 5th 2024 Reporter: Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 270

Pj Gubernur Heru Bersama Forkopimda Gencarkan Urban Farming

(Foto: Nugroho Sejati)

Starting the New Year 2024, the Jakarta Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (Forkopimda) is again strengthening synergy in maintaining food security while controlling regional inflation.

In 2024, the spirit of creating a food security ecosystem for residents needs to be pushed

This synergy is realized by planting trees and productive plants in urban areas, Jalan Walet Indah VI, Kapuk Muara Urban Village, Penjaringan Sub-district, North Jakarta City, Friday (1/5).

In the activity initiated by Kodam Jaya, the Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono, planted trees together with Pangdam Jaya Maj. Gen. TNI, Mohammad Hasan, and Metro Jaya Police Chief Insp. Gen. Pol. Karyoto. Also accompanying Acting Governor, Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture, and Food Security Agency (KPKP), Suharini Eliawati, and North Jakarta Mayor, Ali Maulana Hakim.

There were 100 trees planted, consisting of mango, jackfruit, breadfruit, sapodilla, and star fruit. Even, as many as 2,000 cayenne pepper seeds were also planted. It was executed on a 1,000-square-meter land. It was carried out simultaneously in all areas under the authority of Kodam Jaya, which was connected virtually via video conference.

In the video conference, the Acting Governor had the opportunity to greet several people at the urban farming planting location and interact with all parties involved. He urged the Kodam Jaya could provide outreach to the community regarding urban farming.

"Together, we have planted chili trees in Kapuk Muara Urban Village, and we must be able to carry out outreach to the community regarding urban farming, in this case coordinated by the entire Kodam Jaya area. Thus, what we do can be useful for people," he expressed, as quoted by the Jakarta Government's press release.

He then asserted urban farming has a vital role. If it could be followed by all Jakarta residents, concerns about the availability of food supplies could be overcome as residents already have provisions for food security.

"We need to intensify this again. In 2024, the spirit of creating a food security ecosystem for residents needs to be pushed. This is because it not only addresses food issues and regional inflation but also adds green areas to Jakarta," he added.

Pangdam Jaya Commander, Maj. Gen. TNI Mohammad Hasan uttered his party would continue to spread the spirit of synergy between Forkopimda ranks, especially in food security efforts. Hopefully, this synergy could benefit society.

"We've coordinated with all Kodam Jaya areas. We have instructed every Dandim (Military District Commander) to invite the community at school to keep socializing urban farming, thus the benefits can be felt by residents, and the green areas in Jakarta and its surroundings remain beautiful," he closed.

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