City of Jakarta Has Advantage of Becoming a Global City

Thursday, November 16th 2023 Reporter: Erikyanri Maulana Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 1095

Kota Jakarta Miliki Keunggulan Jadi Kota Global

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Jakarta Branch Bank Indonesia Representative Office Head, Arlyana Abubakar says the City of Jakarta has a great opportunity to strengthen its position as a Global City amidst the various challenges it faces from a structural and cyclical perspective.

Optimizing the five main sectors with the largest share

According to him, it is in line with Jakarta's modalities, including the availability of infrastructure such as toll roads, ports, and international standard airports.

Then the availability of various public transportation including MRT, LRT Jabodebek, and Transjakarta which is integrated through the Jaklingko system, as well as the availability of quality labor and human resources.

"In addition, the very strategic position of the city of Jakarta is supported by the surrounding area as megacities (Bodetabek), further strengthening Jakarta's position to become a global economic and trade center," he expressed, Thursday (11/16).

Then the Jakarta Branch BI Representative had identified the main and potential sectors that could be the motor of Jakarta's future economic growth to strengthen its position as a global city.

The selection of main and potential economic sectors took into account several aspects including, the largest share, growth above the average for the last five years, and large forward and backward linkages, which are the basic sectors and progressive sectors in Jakarta.

"Optimizing the five main sectors with the largest share through focusing on the trade sector (Hub-Ecommerce), processing industry (automotive and chemical), financial services (digitalization and IFC-Regional), information and communications (data center), and construction (TOD and green infrastructure)," he explained.

He explained that developing other potential sectors to prepare for Jakarta's sustainable economic growth is through the tourism sector, creative industries, transportation and warehousing, as well as education and health services.

"The tourism sector-accommodation and provision of food, beverages, creative industries, has modalities related to a large portion of exports (45 percent of exports are service exports, mainly related to foreign tourists), diverse tourism variations (urban, cultural, shopping, historical, and natural), and international standard MICE facilities," he explained.

He added the transportation and warehousing sector also has advantages, namely Jakarta as a national and international trade hub, international class sea and airport infrastructure, as well as a center for e-commerce activities (including warehouses/distribution centers).

"As for the education and health services sector, related to modalities, there are many schools and colleges in Jakarta with accreditation A and many hospitals with class A quality with the presence of complete specialist doctors," he stated.

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