Bamus Suku Betawi Gears Up to Welcome Jakarta as a Global City

Wednesday, October 25th 2023 Reporter: Folmer Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 330

Bamus Suku Betawi 1982 Siap Menyongsong Jakarta Sebagai Kota Global

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The Betawi Association (Bamus Suku Betawi) 1982 held a working meeting with the theme "Jakarta Welcomes a Global City: The Strategic Role of Bamus Betawi 1982 on the National and International Stage".

It will discuss programs that will be planned, prepared, and implemented

Bamus Suku Betawi 1982 Chairman, Haji Zainuddin (Oding) said the meeting was held to prepare several strategic steps for the organization in the future.

"It will discuss programs that will be planned, prepared, and implemented," he expressed, Tuesday (10/24) night.

He explained that one of the most important agendas in this meeting was preparing the contribution of the Bamus Suku Betawi, after Jakarta did not have the status of National Capital (IKN).

"Based on the information so far, Jakarta will be transformed into the Special Region of Jakarta as a global city. That's why, preparation steps are needed as early as possible. Betawi must take a role," he explained.

He went on to say that the advancement of Betawi culture must be a big concern. Thus, amid globalization and current developments, local wisdom in Jakarta can be maintained, developed, and increasingly advanced.

"We must prepare the existing potential and human resources well and optimally. Betawi must be able to show its existence on the national and international stage," he continued.

The Betawian people had a great opportunity to advance themselves, their resources, and their civilization.

"We keep taking concrete steps, including we continue to encourage cultural areas in every sub-district in Jakarta," he added.

He appreciated the Jakarta Provincial Government through the National and Political Unity Agency (Bakesbangpol) provided a grant to the Bamus Suku Betawi 1982.

"Thank God, this year, we were given a grant by Rp. 1.5 billion. I express my appreciation and thanks to the Acting Governor, the Jakarta DPRD, and Mr. Taufan, always the Jakarta Bakesbangpol. Hopefully, this grant fund can be increased further," he added.

Jakarta Bakesbangpol Head, Taufan Bakri believes that through this working meeting, at least three things will be realized.

First, the Betawi Suku Bamus 1982 would work hard to create a national climate to produce strong product knowledge, namely, policies that encourage creativity, taste, and initiative.

Second, the Bamus Suku Betawi 1982 was filled with quality and regional human resources who can develop a culture to provide strong penetration to residents in Jakarta to prevent the influence of bad foreign culture.

"Finally, the Bamus Suku Betawi 1082 will make Jakarta even stronger with a high work ethic and a spirit of unity, thus Jakarta is increasingly ready to welcome itself as a global city, the world's business and economic center," he asserted.

He asked the Betawi Suku Betawi 1982 to also contribute and become a motor to maintain conduciveness in Jakarta.

"Currently, we have entered the phases of the democratic party, the political years. There are 2.6 million Betawian people in Jakarta who I am sure will keep their village in a safe, peaceful, and conducive atmosphere," he added.

Bamus Suku Betawi 1982 Working Meeting Committee Chairman, Muhammad Ichwan Ridwan (Boim) uttered that the meeting was participated by 150 people.

"They are from the daily management and representatives of 45 organizations that are members of the Bamus Suku Betawi 1982," he said.

This meeting would be filled with provisions related to organizations, especially when these organizations can be managed professionally and meet legal aspects or have legal entities. Then there was also a briefing regarding readiness to respond to Jakarta after it no longer becomes an IKN.

Its results would also be a recommendation for the Jakarta Special Region Law and Amendments to Bylaw Number 4/2015 on the Preservation of Betawi Culture, as well as the need for a Gubernatorial Regulation regarding Betawianism such as batik, souvenirs, etc.

"It runs from October 24 to 26 at Rizen Premiere Hotel, Bogor, West Java," he stated.

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