Jakarta Tour Promoted at Makassar International Eight Festival

Friday, August 25th 2023 Reporter: Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 682

Dinas Parekraf, Promosi, Wisata Jakarta, Makassar International Eight Festival

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The Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Parekraf) participated in the Makassar International Eight Festival, which was held from August 23 to 27, 2023 at Losari Beach Pavilion, Makassar.

At this event, the Jakarta Government wants to expand its networking

The largest annual tourism event in the Eastern Indonesia region is a prestigious event for tourism actors in Indonesia. Hence, it can be a means of promoting Jakarta as one of the leading tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Jakarta Parekraf Agency Head, Andhika Permata positively welcomed the event. He stated, the Jakarta Provincial Government would promote Jakarta's tourism destinations, as well as tourism products and Jakarta's creative economy under the Parekraf Agency at the Makassar International Eight Festival.

"At this event, the Jakarta Government wants to expand its networking to tourism businesses and the local creative economy to get various information while transacting the products they have," he expressed, Friday (8/25).

He went on to say that the Makassar International Eight Festival is an art, culture, and entertainment festival consisting of eight activities starting with the letter F, namely food, flowers, fashion, film, fiction writing, fusion jazz, folk, and fine art. It has been included in the top 10 events in Indonesia four times in a row.

In organizing this 6th event, the Parekraf Agency also invited a delegation consisting of tourism industry players (hotels and travel agents), Betawi Essential Gaya Spa, creative economy business actors such as Batik Gobang and Fun Cican, as well as Abang None Jakarta as Tourism Ambassadors.

Besides promotion, this event could also be used as an opportunity to expand networking, especially in selling tourism packages/products that are owned, thus it is able to increase domestic and foreign tourist visits to Jakarta, especially to advance the tourism industry through business sessions and promotions.

"This participation is expected to be put to good use by the tourism industry and the creative economy to promote their business lines," he hoped.

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