26 Tons of Waste Transported from Tidung Island

Wednesday, April 26th 2023 Reporter: Anita Karyati Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 640

26 Ton Sampah Berhasil Diangkut di Pulau Tidung Pasca Libur Lebaran

(Foto: Anita Karyati)

The Seribu Islands Environment Sub-agency and PPSU personnel have managed to transport 26 tons of waste on Tidung Island on Idul Fitri.

Those waste were transported from D+3 until D+4 of Idul Fitri

Seribu Islands Environment Sub-agency Head, Sujanto Budiroso stated the 26 tons of waste transported consisted of five tons of waste from the coast and 21 tons of household waste in four neighborhoods.

"Those waste were transported from D+3 until D+4 of Idul Fitri," he said, Wednesday (4/26).

According to him, the volume of household waste increased compared to normal days. This condition occured as many tourists come to vacation on Tidung Island during Idul Fitri holiday.

"To collect them, we deployed 45 janitors and 67 PPSU personnel, eight motor carts, and four waste carts," he expressed.

He went on to say that the tens of tons of waste transported were then collected at the Tidung Island Waste Disposal Site (TPS) to be sorted before being transported to the KM Laut Bersih vessel.

"Until now, our personnel are still on standby transporting waste to ensure cleanliness, both on the coast and in residential areas," he stated.

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