Governor Anies Hopes 2022 Dekranasda Week Festival Prompts Jakarta's Crafts to Grow

Sunday, September 4th 2022 Reporter: TP Moan Simanjuntak Translator: Nugroho Adibrata 555

Gubernur Anies Berharap Dekranasda Week Festival 2022

(Foto: Istimewa)

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, officially closed the 2022 Dekranasda Week Festival (DWF) at Main Atrium Gandaria City, Sunday (9/4).

We see the work of Jakarta's craftsmen who have an extraordinary variety

Dekranasda Week Festival is a showcase for 72 exhibitors consisting of Jakarta Craftsmen (fashion, craft, and accessories), MSMEs or Jakpreneur in the culinary field, as well as collaborators/supporters of the event which has been held for 6 days since last August 31.

There is also a fashion show of clothing from craftsmen worn by Jakarta Provincial Government officials.

"We see the work of Jakarta's craftsmen who have an extraordinary variety and this is what is called an innovation where the culture continues to develop. Hope the market will prepare this innovation through the Jakarta Dekranasda (Regional National Crafts Council)," expressed the Governor, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release, Sunday (9/4).

He hoped that the festival could be a place for craftsmen in Jakarta to meet with a potential market considering Jakarta is a city with the largest market and craftsmen who are full of innovative works.

"Dekranasda will be a forum for the development of Jakarta's superior handicraft products in the future. It is also a place for the work to meet with potential markets. We see great potential and hope it can be continued in the future for more rapid development," he explained.

"This is also a great collaboration with various parties (craftsmen, government, and private), this must be strengthened. Moreover, Jakarta is the largest market, a place for anyone to innovate, to make breakthroughs. So, we have to encourage crafters to be more innovative to grow," he explained.

He also hoped that Jakarta's handicraft market could further develop through initiation into the digital market.

"We have gone through a two-year pandemic, and we have to open new markets, one of which is the digital market, we feel grateful that we are working on the market. Hopefully, Dekranasda will continuously develop thus Dekranasda Week Festival will become an annual event in the future," he closed.

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