Kicir-Kicir Festival Enlivens Jakarta's Anniversary in North Jakarta

Friday, June 24th 2022 Reporter: Anita Karyati Translator: Maria Inggita 429

Festival Kicir-Kicir Meriahkan HUT DKI di Jakarta Utara

(Foto: Anita Karyati)

Enlivening Jakarta's 495th Anniversary, the North Jakarta Government collaborated with All Sedayu Hotel Kelapa Gading to hold the Kicir-Kicir Festival which features Fashion Show, in North Jakarta Dekranasda and Jakpreneur Bazaar, and Betawi Food Festival from June 22 to 24, 2022.  

In the future, the similar event will be held in other locations

North Jakarta Dekranasda Head Yenny Nursanti conveyed that 10 couples of North Jakarta Abang-None and talents from All Sedayu Hotel were involved in a fashion show of 12 North Jakarta Dekranasda batik products. 10 booths sold Jakpreneur's products and various Betawi dishes.

"We display Batik Marunda, Batik Koja, Batik Smilir, Nani Batik, and others. I also thank the OPDs that are involved in enlivening the event," she expressed, Friday (6/24).

North Jakarta Mayor Ali Maulana Hakim added it was an important event in providing the opportunities for MSMEs and Jakpreneurs to sell their products in a wider market, especially overseas.

"Kicir-Kicir Festival is very suitable with Jakarta that is currently reviving the economy. My message is they (MSMEs) must stay optimistic. Moreover, the same event will shortly be held in other locations," he added.

All Sedayu Hotel Manager Anis Fachmi admitted that he was happy to collaborate with the North Jakarta Government in supporting MSMEs. He hoped that the event would continue and become an example for other private sectors to support North Jakarta MSME products.

"On average, 80-90 percent of our guests are foreigners. It is time for private sectors and government to support MSMEs," he stated.

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