PT. Jaktour-South Jakarta Government Sterilizes Asset on Jalan RA Kartini

Kamis, 25 November 2021 15:29 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing Maria Inggita 271

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PT Jakarta Tourisindo (Jaktour) sterilized assets on an area of 18,287 square meters on Jalan RA Kartini No. 42, Cilandak Barat Urban Vilage, Cilandak Sub-district, South Jakarta.

This land will later be optimized for business development of PT. Jaktour

PT. Jakarta Tourisindo President Director, Novita Dewi expressed her gratitude to South Jakarta Government for assisting in land sterilization.

"We are grateful that finally, after so long, we can fully control this asset. This land will later be optimized for business development of PT. Jaktour in order to improve company's performance in the future," she conveyed, Thursday (11/25).

She hopes by optimizing the land can also improve economy of Jakarta in general.

"It is not important, we just hope that in the future this location can absorb lot of workers thus it can provide benefits to wider community," she said.

In order to prevent the asset from being occupied by irresponsible parties, her side will guard it.

"Apart from internal security of PT. Jaktour, we also involve related OPDs to help us maintaining this asset. We have also installed an ownership sign on this land," she asserted.

Meanwhile, South Jakarta Satpol PP Head, Ujang Harmawan added, land clearing operation was carried out as a part of securing assets belonging to Jakarta Government.

"We have given socialization, notification letter, and warning letter," he mentioned.

For this land sterilization, his side deployed 200 joint personnel, consisting of 100 Satpol PP personnel, 30 TNI officers, 40 police officers, and the rest are from relevant regional apparatus organizations (OPD) and Community Early Awareness Forum (FKDM).

"Thank God, it runs well. In the future, I think the asset needs to be guarded to prevent it from being occupied by other parties," he closed.