Entering Rainy Season, Residents are Urged to Be Aware of Leptospirosis

Kamis, 25 November 2021 14:56 Anita Karyati Maria Inggita 196

(Foto: Anita Karyati - Beritajakarta.id)

Entering rainy season, there are several types of diseases that must be wary of. One of them is leptospirosis or infection caused by spiral-shaped bacteria called Leptospira interrogans. Generally, people are more familiar with rat urine disease.

Leptospira bacteria can enter through injured skin when exposed to puddles or flood that have been exposed to rat urine

Central Jakarta Health Sub-agency Head, Erizon Safar conveyed, in addition to dengue hemorrhagic fever (DBD), leptospirosis is also dangerous when entering rainy season since it can spread through flood water.

"Leptospira bacteria can enter through injured skin when exposed to puddles or flood that have been exposed to rat urine. If it is not treated immediately, it can cause death. Therefore, we need to be careful if we have open wounds, especially since the rain will continue to fall in the next few days," he said Thursday (11/25).

His side appealed residents to always maintain cleanliness in their environment and home. When the flood occurs, wear boots or rubber gloves if possible to avoid direct contact with puddle.

"Because people infected with leptospirosis will have a fever, usually followed with red eyes, cough, flu, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and muscle pains that are very painful in calves and headache. The symptoms usually appear within 2-14 days after direct contact with source of infection.

Leptospirosis infection can heal on its own when taking antibiotics. However, if the condition of infected person is weak and have complications that reach liver or pancreas, it can cause patient to die.

Based on data from health facilities in Central Jakarta, no cases of leptospirosis have been found so far.

"We usually install banner in the region to remind people that it has entered rainy season. However, there are some creative health center, such as in Senen and Menteng, where they spread information by walking around the settlements," he mentioned.