Realization of Tax Revenue in North Jakarta Reaches Rp 5.45 Trillion

Rabu, 24 November 2021 23:29 Suparni Maria Inggita 78

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As of November 23, 2021, North Jakarta has collected Rp 5.45 trillion from 13 types of taxes or 82.66 percent from total target Rp 6.59 trillion.

We need to take a good approach to taxpayers (WP) thus they can immediately fulfill their obligations

North Jakarta Mayor, Ali Maulana Hakim conveyed, the remaining time in this year should be used as well as possible to optimize tax revenue, especially taxes with large amount such as Urban and Rural Land and Building Tax (PBB-P2) and Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB).

"We need to take a good approach to taxpayers (WP) thus they can immediately fulfill their obligations," he mentioned while leading coordination meeting related achievement of regional tax target with sub-district heads and related sub-agencies (OPDs) at North Jakarta Mayor Office, Wednesday (11/24).

Meanwhile, North Jakarta and Thousand Islands Regional Revenue Agency Head, Bambang Eko Prabowo stated, in order to optimize tax collection, his side has been assisted by North Jakarta Mayor by writing letter to 116 potential taxpayers with tax value reaches Rp 303 billion and 35 PKB taxpayers whose value reaches Rp 4 billion.

"In total, we are pursuing for PBB-P2 in North Jakarta can be up to Rp 400 billion," he added.

He expected cooperation between related OPDs and high awareness of taxpayers could help his side to achieve the target that has been set. Because, tax revenue is very useful for financing development programs that will also benefit the community.

"Approach through sub-district heads can help to know characteristic of residents, including local businessmen in each sub-district. Hopefully we can achieve the target within these 30 days," she stated.