LH Agency Launches Website on Climate Change Action and Air Pollution Control in Jakarta

Selasa, 23 November 2021 17:41 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing Maria Inggita 207

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Jakarta Environment (LH) Agency launched rendahemisi.jakarta.go.id. This website provided information on climate change actions and air pollution control in Jakarta.

By knowing the progress of climate change and air quality actions, we expect more participation from the community

From that website, people could monitor the progress of climate change actions and air quality improvement in Jakarta. Besides, this website also used as medium of information and collaboration.

Jakarta LH Agency Head, Asep Kuswanto mentioned, this website represented Jakarta's green vision in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and air pollution emission.

Logo and visual in this website, he continued, used blue and green colors that described spectrum for reducing air pollution and GHG emissions.

"We hope this website can be a center for information and media for public to continue monitoring the climate change actions and air quality improvement in Jakarta," he expressed, Tuesday (11/23).

Through this website, Jakarta LH Agency wanted to show transparency regarding climate change actions, thus public could follow developments and also contribute ideas or input for climate-resilience and better air quality in Jakarta.

"By knowing the progress of climate change and air quality actions, we expect more participation from the community. This will encourage us to create a better environment for Jakartans," he said.

This website also provided information about publication of policies and actions on climate change and air quality improvement, reports, achievements related to climate change action and air pollution control by Jakarta Government, platform for collaboration, information on air quality and climate change data. Practical information on emission test locations and other latest policies also can be accessed in Indonesian and English.

"This website will be also Jakarta's initiative in implementing Citizen Lawsuit decision by Central Jakarta District Court on September 16," he said.

The development of this website was carried out through collaboration between Jakarta Environment Agency, +Jakarta and Vital Strategies with support from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Vital Strategies collaborated with Jakarta Government through Jakarta Clean Air Partnership Program (JCAP) in form of technical support to overcome air pollution in Jakarta by increasing availability and use of air quality data, analyzing policy solution and its effectiveness, and raising public awareness about impacts of air pollution on health.

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