South Jakarta Kadin Chairman: Free Internet Access is Needed to Support MSMEs

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South Jakarta Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Chairman, A. Laftranta Siregar strongly supports free internet access for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Free internet access from government can be a stimulus to help MSMEs

According to him, supporting infrastructure is needed for MSME sector, which is the key to boosting economic sector in the midst of pandemic.

"Certainly, free internet access from government can be a stimulus to help MSMEs. We need to support it," he said in written statement received by, on Friday (11/19).

In this digital era, he assessed, MSMEs are priority for Kadin's program. Although some do not need assistance in form of internet access to market their products, but the case is relatively small.

"I think it will be difficult to sell products without entering the digital era. Therefore, we will strengthen coordination with Communication, Informatics, and Statistics Agency and Sub-agencies to support MSMEs," he mentioned.

He explained, as many as 3,500 MSMEs have been registered at South Jakarta Kadin. The number continues to grow every year. MSMEs run their business in trade sector and gradually switch to creative industry.

"It is interesting that I see most MSMEs have moved to creative industry. Millennial generation has extraordinary potential, because I see many of them who don't have shops, open kitchen, but their turnover can reach tens millions," he conveyed.

Meanwhile, Association of Digital Literacy Generation, Sultan Ramadea Malik stated, internet network is very supportive to boost MSME economy.

Therefore, internet network which is provided by Jakarta Government through JakWIFI program needs to be expanded. Referring to data collected from JAKI application, there are around 1,282 WiFi points with 2,155 access points in South Jakarta.

"This network has been installed in several locations. JakWIFI supports MSMEs to develop their business through marketplace, especially for creative economy entrepreneurs in South Jakarta," he closed.