North Jakarta Forkopimko Prepares to Face Flood Disaster

Rabu, 17 November 2021 22:03 Suparni Maria Inggita 68

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North Jakarta City Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimko) ensured preparedness for flood disaster management through post and field rehearsals held at Sekda Saefullah Sports Center, Rorotan Urban Village, Cilincing Sub-district.

When disaster occurs, hopefully it can be reported immediately thus it can accelerate the handling

This simulation activity was participated by 300 personnel and led by North Jakarta Vice Mayor, Juaini Yusuf.

In general, North Jakarta Forkopimko stated that they were ready to face rainy season and anticipate flood in 90 flood-prone locations, prepare 172 evacuation points, 133 pumps in 47 pump houses throughout North Jakarta.

"All parties should be involved in flood disaster management and work extra to strengthen coordination, from office to RT level. When disaster occurs, hopefully it can be reported immediately for quick handling," he mentioned, Wednesday (11/17).

Meanwhile, North Jakarta Secretariat's Administration Sub-division Head, Suranta added, all relevant units at city level were ready to assist, in form of deploying personnel, equipment, or coordination regarding flood information and handling.

"We don't expect North Jakarta to be hit by flood, but we are ready to take anticipatory steps, through Gerebek Lumpur, community service, building reservoir, retention basin, and river canal. However, when disaster occurs, we must be prepared in handling it, including assisting people affected by flood," he conveyed.