Anticipating Floods, Water Channels on Jalan Kepu Timur Dredged

Kamis, 28 Oktober 2021 19:01 Anita Karyati Nugroho Adibrata 106

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The Kemayoran Urban Village PPSU personnel have been dispatched to clean up mud, waste and weeds in water channels alongside Jalan Kepu Timur, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

We clean the channel up to 100 meters length

Kemayoran Urban Village Secretary, Fitri Sari said, the cleanup action was carried out, as it was now the rainy season. Moreover, Jalan Kepu Timur was prone to flooding when it rained.

"We clean the channel up to 100 meters length," she expressed, Friday (10/28).

According to him, it was also carried out to make it looks more neat, beautiful and clean.

"For weeds, the officers managed to collect as many as one large sack. Aside that, we have managed to collect more than two cubic meters using a garbage car," he stated.