Here are 10 Winners in 2021 Jakarta Youth Award

Kamis, 28 Oktober 2021 19:14 Suparni Nugroho Adibrata 136

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In commemoration of the Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge) Day that falls every October 28, the Coalition of Civil Society for Youth Jakarta once again held the Jakarta Youth Award 2021. In its implementation, ten outstanding and inspiring figures were chosen to receive the award.

There are 57 names that have been nominated and we narrow them down to 10 outstanding and inspiring figures

Those ten winners were namely Naura Rahmadija (Jakarta skater athlete who won five gold medals at PON XX, Papua); Sylviana Murni (Chairman of Committee III DPD); Ahmad Lukman Jupiter (Member of Jakarta DPRD Commission A); David Darmawan (young entrepreneur Jakarta); Didi Suprijadi (Chairman of FPTHSI Board of Trustees).

Then Herry Djufraini (Corsec Bank DKI); Isnawa Adji (Vice Mayor of South Jakarta); Lieus Sungkharisma (Public Figure); M. Sidik Dahlan (Chairman of North Jakarta City Council); and Raden Umar (Commander of Jayakarta Student Regiment).

2021 Jakarta Youth Award Initiator, Mohammad Syaiful Jihad said, the committee had conducted studies and verifications for the last six months (May-October 2021).

"There are 57 names that have been nominated and we narrow them down to 10 outstanding and inspiring figures," he expressed, during the handover of the 2021 Jakarta Youth Award, Thursday (10/28).

He explained, several assessment criteria in the award were namely having a high commitment in contributing to the good of Jakarta, thus it becomes an inspiration and motivation for youth, especially Jakarta youth.

Then the award recipients were also assessed for being consistent and total in carrying out their mandate, having a deep understanding in their field/profession, which was implemented for the progress of Jakarta's development.

"We also give an assessment that the awards must be consistent and sustainable, willing to carry out the duties and responsibilities on their shoulders thus they dare to defend ideas, ideas, or real movements without any coercion or intervention of any interest," he explained.

Meanwhile, Naura Rahmadija was happy and grateful to be awarded the 2021 Jakarta Youth Award.

"Alhamdulillah, after I grabbed five gold medals at PON XX, Papua. Besides that, I also received the blessing of this award along with nine other outstanding and inspiring figures," expressed said the Grade 1 student from SMAN 70.

She hoped that other young generations in Jakarta could also make achievements in various fields and contribute to Jakarta.

"I have been practicing roller skating since 1st grade. So, my message to others, persevere and don't give up easily," she stated.

As for the information, the Civil Society Coalition for Jakarta Youth consists of the Jakarta Public Service (JPS), Jakarta Monitoring Network (JMN), Jakarta Community Association for Humanity and Justice (Humanika), Jakarta Urban Coalition (Jakarta Urban Coalition), Community Care for Community Participation Development (LP2SM), Jakarta Monitoring Agency (LPJ).