Violating PPKM, Two Stalls in Cakung Sealed

Minggu, 17 Oktober 2021 18:50 Nurito Nugroho Adibrata 112

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Two stalls in Cakung area, East Jakarta found violating PPKM regulations, were sealed by joint personnel of Satpol PP and army/police, on Sunday (10/17) morning.

We have warned them but still ignore it. It is done as a deterrent effect

Cakung Sub-district Satpol PP Head, Harapan Tambunan expressed that one of them was coffee stall on Jalan Raya Pulogebang which was sealed for 3x24 hours as they had violated more than one violation.

"We have warned them but still ignore it. It is done as a deterrent effect," he said.

As for another one, street food stall located on Jalan Komarudin on the east side of the toll road was given a written warning.

Not long after, personnel were also chasing away street vendors who were selling on the street and in front of the Sopo Marpingkir Building, Pulogebang Urban Village and in front of the Pulogebang Integrated Terminal and on inspection road of BKT Pulogrbang. They were also dispersing people who had gathered at the location.

"We also did similar action in entertainment venues on Jalan Raya Cacing, Cakung Barat, Jalan Komarudin on East Toll Side, Pulogebang and AURI Grand Cakung Store Complex, Ujung Menteng. However, we did not find any violations," he continued.  

He explained, it was conducted on Saturday (10/16) night until Sunday (10/17) early morning. It was focused on Jalan Damai Flyover BKT, Pulogebang Urban Village, Jalan Raya Cacing, Cakung Barat.

Then Jalan Raya Pulogebang, inspection road of BKT Pulogebang besides Pulogebang Integrated Bus Terminal, and East Toll Road, Pulogebang Urban Village.

"We do it involving 30 joint personnel of Satpol PP, army and police," he stated.